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Let’s clarify that this blog is meant for what I would perceive as trippy images for a individual that’s tripping and/or just enjoys trippy images.

You do NOT need to trip to enjoy psychedelic images, thanks.
We understand that many of you have tripped, and that it enhances your perception. I get it, we get it, that’s all gravy, totally respect your views, comments, and opinions. BUT we don’t need to see it in our ask box 24/7.

Doing drugs isn’t a contest. It doesn’t matter who does what first, you aren’t tough shit for doing it.

One last thing, we do care about our followers. If it weren’t for them, this blog wouldn’t be up and running and as successful as it is and will become. Thank you!

Who are we?

There were perivously 3 Admins: Darien, Tyler, and Kala

They have since left.

sassydad and rul are currently the admins.

How did this blog start?

Well, it started out as FuckYeahTyeDye and just Darien and Kala. But soon we realized that it wasn’t going to go very far, and at the time we were both potheads so we figured it was suiting.

How old are you two?

sassydad: 22
rul: 21.

Why wasn’t I credited for my submission?

we have stated on the submit page, that you must credit yourselves. we will not do it for you. if you forget, that’s on you and you’re shit outta luck.


Recommended Blogs?


Let me know if there are any questions that you would like added to this FAQ by putting it in my ask box